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Deno Tutorial

Deno is a secure runtime for both JavaScript and Typescript.

Very much like nodejs for those who have used before, Deno can be called using the V8 engine, but it is also built-in Rust. Some of the key benefits include being secure out of the box (no access to localhost/network/environment), working natively with typescript without additional compiling like babel, and easy to install and use. Let's take a closer look at it in this deno tutorial where we will install and begin using it.

Youtube: Deno Tutorial

The topics covered include:

  • What is Deno?
  • Why is Deno?
  • How do we install Deno
  • Installing Deno
  • Deno example
  • Deno security for network access
  • Deno extra security for domains
  • Deno file security for localhost access
  • Typescript Deno support
  • Deno runtime and Deno testing
  • Conclusion and my thoughts on Deno

This is just a quick 10-minute introduction to Deno, but hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of how it works for those coming in fresh or from node.

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