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Design Challenge | You only have 10 mins to make a Website Design

This was a very cool design challenge posted by Dev Ed.

The goal is to create an entire website design in 10 minutes or less. It really pushes you to the limits of what is possible. There is no time to really consider UX, and you have to develop a true MVP in less than no time.

I was able to complete it and here is the Figma Design.

If you want to see the whole process, you can check out my video here, using Figma and how I created this layout in 10 minutes or less! What I learnt includes:

  • 10 mins means bare essentials
  • Don't overthink colors, spacing, etc, it exists = good enough
  • It's easy to under-estimate how much works is involved in making designs
  • Accept that not all things have to be perfect
  • Spending 10 minutes to design something is better than spending 1 hour thinking about it and not doing it.

Youtube: Website Design in 10 mins

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Pete Steven

Very creative challenge. Speed is definitely an important factor of your skill, although this usually comes with experience.

To speed up your development process, you can also incorporate nocode tools like Desech Studio. This is really helpful when is needed to import a figma, sketch or adobexd design file, and also when it's needed to incorporate your design with a programming code base like with react, angular, vue.