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Paths to Becoming a Developer

What is the best path to become a developer or designer, to start making applications, websites, and more? I have had some experience going through a number of journies myself and hopefully I can provide a small bit of assistance here.

Youtube: Paths to starting Development or Design

With a background of Computer Science at University, I thought this would be what I needed to get started, but I found I still didn't feel quite ready. Going into the work world was scary, since it felt like nothing I learnt helped. I ended up going back and studying on my own, at home, doing tutorials and courses online and making my own projects. This helped me get ready where I felt like I knew my own skills.

The end result was that it took me years before I applied for jobs as I never really believed in myself. Thefefore if you are looking at what path to take to start development, here are my tips:

  • Learn on your own, doing online tutorials, courses
  • Work on projects, ideas, this is the best kind of learning
  • University and Colleges are over-rated, don't expect them to make you feel ready
  • Apply for jobs even if you don't feel 100% prepared;
  • You will learn more on the job than any prior experience can prepare you for
  • Believe in yourself.

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Kovid Rathee

@adriantwarog - Great tips, all of them. I definitely agree with applying for jobs even if you feel you're not prepared. There are some things that you cannot gauge even from mock interviews. Real experience, real questions, real situations and real failures are required to succeed.