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Adrian Twarog
Adrian Twarog

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Why you should Whiteboard your Design & Development, UI & UX

When starting any project, you should always have a clear plan.

A whiteboard of your design, whether it's a wireframe or something more detailed can become invaluable both for planning your project, scoping out its size and price, as well as having a clear vision for its future.

In this video I talk about:

  • Why you should Whiteboard your designs and development
  • How whiteboarding saves you time and money
  • Types of whiteboarding, like UI/UX/Dev, etc
  • How I whiteboard my work when doing projects

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Haakon Helmen Rusås

Nice video! I downloaded the Microsoft app Whiteboard on my iPad and find it very useful to visualize my ideas and thinking to both myself and others. Curious to know your experience using this technique when collaborating with others. :)

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

It's great, I use Concepts which works on Windows and Apple devices, and use a screen protector called Paperlike, which makes drawing on the tablet truly feel like paper, it's awesome and has inspired me to write and plan more instead of typing things out that usually get forgotten.