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Temani Afif
Temani Afif

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A Super Saiyan CSS Art!

Yet, another CSS Art from the Dragon Ball world. I think this one doesn't need any introduction.

No, the above is not an image but a lot of CSS!

I also released a website dedicated to some of my best CSS-only Art. πŸ‘‡

CSS Art by Temani Afif

I shared this one on Twitter so don't hesitate to give some likes and retweets. If you are not following me yet, it's time to do it otherwise you will miss a lot of great content.

Stay tuned for crazier CSS Arts!

Stay Tuned

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Top comments (14)

link2twenty profile image
Andrew Bone

But he's not in his Super Saiyan form πŸ˜‰
Clicking him should toggle a transformation 😝

afif profile image
Temani Afif

The Art is in the Super Saiyan form πŸ˜‰

The clicking feature is a good idea, maybe one day πŸ‘

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Love it! And agree with @link2twenty here!
It should transform on click πŸ˜‚ (Heck you can even introduce all the levels)

But my up most respect buddy πŸ™Œ

Also awaiting @inhuofficial SVG version now πŸ˜‚

grahamthedev profile image

Haha my SVG versions are just cheats, no skill there, where as this is super impressive so I won’t be participating with a β€œsuper Saiyan SVG”!

100% agree on needing to have a checkbox toggle transform as the next article!πŸ”₯

rolandixor profile image
Roland Taylor

This is so good! Nice work!

seek4samurai profile image
Gourav Singh Rawat

Now create a whole DBZ series using CSS animations. 😍

jacksonkasi profile image
Jackson Kasi

it's really πŸ”₯ work

guscarpim profile image
Gustavo Scarpim


cjsmocjsmo profile image
Charlie J Smotherman

Nice πŸ‘

himanshupal0001 profile image

DO you have any youtub channel?

afif profile image
Temani Afif

not yet, maybe in the near future ;)

harshrathod50 profile image
Harsh Rathod

Can you draw Boruto Uzumaki in CSS?

afif profile image
Temani Afif

I probably can but I didn't watch that anime so it's not on my plan actually. Maybe in the future