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A brief note of love for Markdown

I have fond memories of using Markdown early on when I was learning to code which really started just over two years ago. When I was finding JavaScript challenging in one of my early projects I remember taking one afternoon to work through cheat sheets of Markdown syntax and make some nicely formatted ReadMe files.

A nicely formatted Markdown file as a ReadMe on Github with code formatted instructions to enter into the terminal can really make a difference in a developer's experience. There are many libraries and projects I possibly never read further about or experimented with because it did not have a clear ReadMe.

I still use Markdown today and its an incredibly portable format for blogs and lots of things.

MacDown is my simple markdown editor of choice on a mac with a live preview

Here's a sentence with a footnote. 1

  1. This is the footnote. ↩

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Agreed, a nice markdown file goes a long way for readability within docs. I've recently got into using markdown myself for personal documentation. I've been using Typora as my markdown editor and love it so far.

My favorite part about markdown is the code snippets.

let x = 'an old game store'
function funcoLand(x){
// not awake enough to make something more intriguing.
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Hey, you might want to check Typora. I used to use MacDown... until I discovered Rypora

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Morgan Murrah

Late reply: I am now using Typora these days

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awesome πŸ‘

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Ben Halpern

I ❀️ markdown too

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Operations Research Engineering Software+

The value from the elite universities comes from excluding people

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Morgan Murrah

?? I don't understand

Here is a post you might want to check out:

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

Sorry for the callout πŸ˜†