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The #help tag is designed for trouble-shooting and Stack Overflow-esque questions.

You may want to do this here instead of SO for some of the following reasons:

  • You're allowed to ask a hyper-specific question and seek your own answer, no need to generalize.
  • Someone here may give you a different perspective.
  • You may have more of a back-end-forth with different possibilities discussed.

Overall Stack's format is more strictly suited for this stuff, but it's welcome here if you use the #help tag.

We haven't made this all super clear but we'd like to do this better over time.


I suggest using stackoverflow for this kind of questions, with code snippets and more detailed example.

No, it's not true.


Honestly, StackOverflow will probably have more professional answers by people working around your very problem for decades.


... if the question is not closed right away 😝

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