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Is vscode dying?

Hey there everyone 👋!
We've all used vscode once in our life (developers ofc). The end to it might be coming soon!

😮 History

VScode was released by microsoft on 29 April, 2015 as an open-source IDE which became viral over the few years for it's amazing features and vide range of extensions.

The source code of vscode is available on github. Over the past years developers have made various amounts of changes to vscode making it one of the most used IDE's in the world for any random chosen language. The two most used languages, for which vscode is used are - Python and Javascript. VScode provides an extensive support for Python and Javascript developers.

Almost every new developers gets into using vscode pretty soon they start coding. VScode is built on the ElectronJS framework and it's open-source code served as a huge advantage for it.

🙂 JetBrains

JetBrains is a Czech software development company which makes tools for software developers and project managers. It was found on 14 August, 2000. 😮 Can you imagine this? JetBrains is making IDEs for us since over 2 decades. It's top three most popular IDEs, not in order are - PyCharm, WebStorm and highly productive IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA was released in 2001 as a small IDE but today it's highly know for it's support for Java and other android app frameworks.

😀 Introduction of Fleet

Fleet is a IDE released made by JetBrains. A few months back they introduced Fleet and said it will be available soon and asked developers to use it on a test basis. Initially, We sent your applications and they selected who could get on into testing it. 😔 Sadly, I was not one of them.

Nevertheless, they recently made it open and free to download while its public preview stage is going on. Afterwards, of course it will be paid 💶!

Fleet is a next-generation IDE. It is smart, distributed, collaborative and most importantly Language inclusive. Check out the preview of the IDE by JetBrains Below.

Fleet preview

By default, Fleet provides support for various languages like the following...

Fleet language support

You can find the entire Fleet Features Matrix here.

It is an IDE with many essential features like the following.

Fleet feautres

Now, they are providing a free plan and a paid plan, but as usual free plans are limited to some extent. Many useful features are missed in the free plan.

🦄 Conclusion

In the end, I would just like to conclude that, NO, vscode is not going down that soon. Yeah, Fleet is a good competition to vscode, but it's open-source code gives it an upper hand over Fleet cause developers all over the world constantly keep pointing out the mistakes in it and make PRs to solve them.

🙂 VScode will always provide the best to the beginners in the field and make them the next future developers.

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Top comments (5)

webjose profile image
José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

So clickbait. OK. Fell for it.

akashpattnaik profile image
Akash Pattnaik

well, you can't exactly call it clickbait. I did use the "?" sign. So, it's a question that I answered in the article. 😂

derlin profile image
Lucy Linder

Fleet has a free plan only in the beginning, but will be paid soon enough. To me, the only interesting features fleet offers over vs code is the remote hosting part. But again, given that we don't know how expensive it will become, I guess it will stay in the enterprise market. For personal IDEs, vscode will remain unchallenged.

akashpattnaik profile image
Akash Pattnaik

I completely agree with you. vscode remains undefeated till date.

neifranci profile image

Until something free begin paid and paid only product company release some thing free then we can think about the title is not a click ban ;)