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A SimpleExplorer Built With ElectronJs, ReactJs,and Typescript

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I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth.

Here it comes.... the truth...Drum rolls.

I have been busy

I have been busy

Yeah, that is the truth , I said it. I am free.

It doesn't look like something I should be scared to say but then, I believe I should not be too busy to finish a project I started.

Anyways, it happened. I started a project and left it unfinished.

This is not an article about the love and hate relationship most developers have with electron apps. It is more about a Simple File Explorer App I created with Electronjs. I have been on it for a while and I hope someone might just tell me what he or she thinks about it.

Here are some details about it:

Github REPO: Simple Explorer

  • It is an ElectronJs App
  • It is meant to be a File Explorer for PCs/Macs
  • It has a bundle of features like file preview for some media content types
  • It can read Code files and preview it with good indenting, all thanks to some wonderful react libraries.
  • The architecture of the app was cannibalized from the Museeks App, meaning I downloaded Museeks Source Code, removed the core codebase while leaving the file structure and configuration behind, then I added my own codes to make SimpleExplorer.

Why did I Cannibalize Museeks?

  • Museeks as a project was too attractive. It was architectured for Typescript & React usage. What else can be more wonderful?

What do I need from you?

  • Tell me what you think
  • Adopt this project as yours
  • Contribute to it
  • Be a friend.

Thanks for taking your time to read. Expecting your response.

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seanmclem profile image

I've always wanted to delve into something like this with electron. Definitely going to. As soon as I'm not busy...