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Development Tips for Software Peeps

This is will be my very first post on

While it's really nice to be here, I believe it will be nicer if I could just add some value by pouring my hearts out about certain tips I think can help boost developer productivity.

I will be emphasizing on time management and staying in ones comfort zone long enough to leap out of it.

Here they come!

  • Beware of commuting, it steals time.

    Some of us already know this. For those that I have not observed, take note. It will be nice to just invest in a fast transportation system, live close to work or above all, work remote or half-remote than waste endless hours on the road when you could be working on something. That way, we might just be able to save some extra hours for self development each week.

  • Commuting Steals Strength , focus and then time and productivity

    While commuting could help stretch the bones, loosen some body bolts and improve cardio efficiency, there are times when it just messes things up with the stress and eventual fatigue that can come from being stuck in traffic. I try to reduce commuting as much as I can , most especially when I am in a busy city. I expect every developer to think of a way to deal with this.

  • Don't Overthink A Project

    There is a reason why some people chose to "Just do it" rather than over-plan a project or an idea until "they the idea fades out of possible execution". This is what happens when we over-think things through it. If you want to be really productive as a developer (or as anything else), it is just better to type away on a side project rather than just over-plan it before you put your hands to the keyboard. When you discover that the planning process is taking too long, I suggest you "just do it". While it is good to make a piece of software as performant as possible. I believe it is better to have an imperfect project than have none because an imperfect project can be improved. While this is a good tip, I only apply it to my side projects. Production Codes are a different ball game entirely.

  • Stay in your comfort zone long enough to leap out of it

    Just because your project is better coded in another language does not make it impossible in your present skill set, at least not all the time. If this is the case for you, would it not be nice to at least have a portfolio with projects than have none or one with scanty projects because you want to build the most performant code ever. If you have the time to learn something new, fine!, go ahead but if you don't , I suggest you use your present skills , learn later when the time is there and then come back to improve whatever you have done.

Thanks for reading it all. I hope someone found these tips useful.

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