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My Comeback as a web developer developers

My Comeback As A Web Developer

Hello everyone today I'm writing about how I wish to make myself more productive using my knowledge of web development and the current trend Web3.0

I came to realize that online presence makes a difference as an open-source developer, it is hard to say I don't usually give attention to what I want versus what I actually need

What I Needed

What I needed wasn't technical know-how alone but;

  1. Communication skills
  2. Open Source contributions
  3. Solve a Real-life Problem
  4. Under the hood processes
  5. Not only Passion but Determination is required

What I thought I Needed

I started learning web development self-taught in 2019, then all I wanted was a change in hobby, I didn't realize it would be a game-changing decision in my future and had many chances of making a living. As usual, every developer's dream was to work at a Silicon-Valley based IT firm especially FAANG, like everyone I also had a passion for such type of work. Since then my thought was;

  1. I needed to be a black-belt with Problem-Solving and Algorithms to land a dream job
  2. Working with FAANG guarantees a successful career
  3. Freelancing or building SaaS or even Content-Creation requires some defined set of skills

There's a lot more to programming than having a successful code compile, one of which includes having your code merged into a large scale open-source project or giving an answer to a question on sites like stack-overflow and getting massive up-votes or knowing you inspired someone into the tech-world

I hope by the end of this year I don't have any regrets about what I should have learned or done this year like last year

With all that said I hope y'all find this writing inspiring, I'll be sure to write more content using this medium and many more

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