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Why I am building a digital government

Governments often lack innovation in the digital space, and technology has enabled an extremely convenient way of life, compared to traditional living.

You're lucky if your government is using a legacy digital system, where most won't even be using websites for many government functions.

I decided to build Arkovia on the grounds that a government must be technologically innovative.

I set out to build a digital government on

The government's central digital foundation would be myArk, which is Arkovia's online accounts system, where anyone, not limited to citizens would be able to signup. This account would serve as the central hub for the digital government.

Citizens would be able to use this account to register businesses, apply for citizenship, and do other various citizen tasks.

The front-end is using Vue, and Node.js in the backend. Creating this site has prompted me to create an entire CMS using:

  • Vue (for frontend)
  • MongoDB (for database)
  • GraphQL (for API)
  • Node (for server)
  • Koa (for routing)

I will be posting regular updates on the progress on the backend

The new government website is now

We will be publishing news updates on

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How our government structure works