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Albert Walicki
Albert Walicki

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Know How to Google Is Important. Do You Know How Do It?

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Knowing how to google is the most important skill for a developer. Everyone uses Google. Junior developers, mid or senior. It's not cheating to google everything! But do you really know how to google more efficiently? Let me show you some google hacks 👨‍💻.

Explicit phase

Search for an explicit phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks.

Explicit phase with double quote

Site Search

Refine your search to a specific site using the site: command. For example, typing on the google will search only on StackOverflow. 💪

Site search with site: method

Multiple words

Search for multiple words using a plus sign.

Multiple words search with plus sign

Exclude a word

The minus sign - allows you to specify words that that shouldn't show up in your results.

Exclude search word with minus operator

Related words

The tilde ~ operator searches for related words, not just the word you type.

Related words with ~ method


The asterisk * is a wildcard. That means it can match any word! Combine it with the explicit search for awesome results.

Wildcard operator method

Time range

A lot of answers on the internet are outdated. Use a time range operator to narrow the scope.

Time range method with .. operator

File type

Narrow the scope of your search to a specific filetype! If you use operator filetype:pdf, you will get only PDF results!

Search for specific file type with filetype: operator

Advanced Search.

You can combine all of the above methods in Google Advanced Search 🤓

Thanks for reading!

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Daniel Fronde

Thanks for sharing

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Rahul Banerjee

Great Resource!

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Ravi Varma

Great resource thanks for sharing!

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Anthony DiPietrantonio

An extremely underrated skill for anyone, let alone developers. Great share 🍺

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Thanks for sharing

cescquintero profile image
Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

What's the difference in "Search for multiple words using a plus sign" between "flexbox+grid" vs flexbox grid ?

Nice tips!