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Run Windows update now!

alexanderviken profile image Alexander Viken ・1 min read

Microsoft have released a patch through Windows Update for

  • CVE-2020-0601 - Windows doesn't properly validate X.509 certificate chains.
  • CVE-2020-0609, CVE-2020-0610 - Windows Remote Desktop Gateway (not to be confused with RDP proper) unauthenticated RCE.

Some pretty serious certificate handeling issues. If you are using Windows OS, do everyone around you a favor and run Windows Update, install the KB4528760 update and stay secure.

Microsoft fixes Windows crypto bug reported by the NSA

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Ari Kalfus

Definitely agree, it's a bad vulnerability. SwiftOnSecurity does a good job putting it into context, however. The Citrix and Netgear critical vulnerabilities from this/past week are much worse for the average person imo.