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Simple Layout Challenge #2

alexandrshy profile image Alex Shulaev ・1 min read


From time to time I practice HTML & CSS layout and would like to invite you to join me 👋 I take a small UI element and just implement it 🙂 And you can share your solution with me and I'll conduct a small code review


Animated result

Expected Result

Implement such a modal window. As a library, you can use my solution, or any other library, or implement everything in pure HTML & CSS, the choice is yours

Share your results in the comments, I'll also attach my solution 👾


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Hi, Shadow here! Firstly, I'm so sorry, I was unable to join the previous challenge. Actually, I was struck with a project and some of my homework... but this time, I'm on! and I'll complete it, I promise!


I'm glad to hear that you think this is interesting 😊 In fact, if you want, at any time you can send your solution to the review, even for the previous challenge, and I'll do a small review 😉


Thank you very much. The challenge is actually interesting. I'll send both of the solutions in a few days. I hope you like it. 🥰


💾 Source code of my solution
🔎 CodePen who just wants to see the result
🖥️ YouTube video coding without parsing and comments, just writing code