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Alex Gurr
Alex Gurr

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Spootify. The latest reactJS coding challenge in react-coding-challenges on GitHub.

Hello! My name's Alex and I built the react-coding-challenges collection on GitHub. Find them here.

So what are the coding challenges? They are a series of small incomplete React apps you can use to test yourself in a variety of ways, or for example, as small code challenges for interview candidates. Get more information and deep dive in this dev post.

Today I'm excited to announce the latest challenge, Spootify. A basic Spotify clone, designed to test you around API consumption and loading state. Check it specifically out here or head over to the main code challenges repository. All UI/UX was done by me from scratch.

If you need access to the coding solutions, you can get an invite here.


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Alexander Staroselsky • Edited

Looks like a fun challenge. Be careful not to expose your client secret accidentally. That includes committing the client secret to source code or deploying the application. client_credentials auth flow is meant to be done on a server given the use of client secret.

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Fatema Mandsourwala

Hi Alex, I wanted a solution to all 3 levels of this challenge

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Alex Gurr

Hi Fatema. There’s a whole section of the readme about getting access to the solutions. Please take a look there on GitHub. Thanks.