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I'm Giving My First-Ever Conference Talk!

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This post was originally published on May 28, 2020 on my blog.

Alright, self - enough lollygagging around. It's been just about an hour since I sat myself down to write and in that hour, I've successfully perused a few quick YouTube videos, subscribed for a royalty-free music site, and checked Twitter a handful of times.

So! Big news since the cat's now outta the bag: I'm going to be giving my first-ever talk at the CodeLand Conference in July!

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I'm seriously so excited! I posted back at the beginning of April about submitting a proposal to this conference - and I feel so great to have gotten the spot. I can't wait.

Here's the Alex from April 1:

Today's been a much slower day, and it's really felt good! Last night, I'm proud to have sent off my finished application to give a talk at this year's virtual CodeLand Conference! I've never submitted a proposal for a conference CFP, and I can gladly say that I've crossed that one off my coding-journey bucketlist.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm happy to have put my foot forward, and I'm confident I'll give a talk about coding at some point in the next few months, whatever that may look like!

My talk, titled Being Utterly Fearless in Your Pursuit of Learning to Code, will mostly be about my journey and my five greatest tips for others who've ventured into the unknown to pursue learning to code and transitioning their careers.

Can't wait to share! Want to attend the conference? Head over here >>

Now let's be friends over on Twitter >>

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Hello! I'm Alex and I'm a self-taught web developer, writer, and speaker (Next up: CodeLand:Distributed 2020 - July 23). I'm launching a new podcast > www.ladiescodecollective.com


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So awesome. Congrats, Alex! Your talk sounds right up my alley — I'll be there (remotely)!


Thanks so much, Gracie! Yaaaayy! I think it's going to be a goodie :D


best of luck! dev community stand by you :)


Congratulations! I want to do that maybe next year. Looking forward to seeing it!


Thank you, Christina! You should absolutely go for it! :D


Thank you, Emma! Really excited about it :D