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Coding Python: Deploy Django Apps to Azure with VS Code

📺 025 - Nina Zakharenko 🎙️ Frank Boucher

In this episode, Nina join Frank to talk about Python on Azure the tool available and walk us through the steps to deploy an simple Python application. If you never try Python, like Frank, it's the perfect way to jump in! Everything will be explained for the none initiated.

We will start by creating an app using the Django framework, because it's a very popular framework that does a lot of things easily. Nina will show us how great is the Visual Studio Code extension for Python. We will quickly execute it locally as final validation before the deployment.

Finally Nina will use the excellent Azure App Service extension for Visual Studio Code to deploy it into Azure App Service. This Platform As A Service (PaaS) option gives of a lot of flexibility and stay very easy to use as we only control our application.

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