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Building an interactive form

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about how to build an interactive login form just using HTML and CSS (without any JavaScript or SVG). It was a fun challenge and I learned a lot, but it had many inconveniences.

Screenshot of the form

Screenshot of the end result

Some of the things we had to do because of the original restrictions were not maintainable or didn't work on many browsers, and I decided to rebuild the form adding some JavaScript to handle the interactivity.

Also, the post was too long and not detailed enough; so for this new form (and article), we broke the steps a little, explaining why we made some choice and giving more details about the whole process.

The series will be divided into 6 parts:

  • Introduction (this post!)
  • HTML structure
  • Initial styles
  • CSS image
  • Advanced styles
  • JS interactions

You may disagree with many of the choices I make through the series (feel free to leave a comment), and I may rumble or rant about some things along the way, but at the end of this series, I hope you really enjoyed the process.

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