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Alvaro Montoro
Alvaro Montoro

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CSS Art: Nintendo Switch

This weekend, I streamed while live coding/drawing a Nintendo Switch with HTML and CSS. The drawing is:

  • Responsive: resize the window to see it change
  • Semantic: sections, the buttons are buttons
  • Customizable: CSS variables to change the JoyCon colors
  • Realistic: at least that was the goal 😅

Here's the demo on CodePen (the drawing and the original photograph):

The process took around 4 hours (broken into different sessions that I will call "my kids are finally sleeping" and "my kids are not awake yet") that I put together and sped up on this video:

Later, I did another version. This time I plugged in a library I created to handle the Gamepad API, and I tried connecting the JoyCon to the computer... it works :)

If you have a Nintendo Switch, try plugging the left controller into your computer via Bluetooth, then head to this demo (only some of the buttons will work):

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Mads Stoumann

Great work, as always! Was there a “draw a Nintendo Switch”-challenge? This one popped up in my feed last week as well:

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Alvaro Montoro • Edited

Thanks! And about the challenge, not that I know, but Manz also did one this weekend, and they told me of one more developer (although it might have been Kass)... Maybe we picked it because it's a relatively easy one to code. Don't ask me to draw the playstation 5 with controllers 😳😅

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This is amazing!

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Amazing 🤩

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Erin Bensinger


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