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Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh

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Curated list of Newsletters to level up your coding skills

Taking one step forward

Learning is an unending process. The era we live in carries a plethora of resources to grab those learning opportunities—a major one is the 'Internet'.

If you're working for a company, you might be learning from your peers, seniors, & colleagues. This is important to hone your skills, especially in software engineering where things are evolving every day. And as the metaphor goes, Standing on the shoulders of giants, is completely true, and so does this quote, "If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place".

So, let's take one step forward, and I'd like to share a list of newsletters, which I have had been reading for a while. These newsletters are mostly focused on front-end (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Accessibility) topics but also cover UX, Usability, and Design.

Overall great freebie packages, written by industry professionals, which get delivered to you while you sleep in the night 🛌. Let's get started.


2. JavaScript

3. Accessibility, UX, Design

4. ReactJS

5. NodeJS

6. GraphQL

7. Web Dev & Tips

8. Career Growth

  • Human Who Codes
    • about: intended for web application engineers who want to grow their career; covers JS, web dev, leadership, architecture, teamwork
    • frequency: every other Tuesday of the month
    • by: Nicholas C.Zakas


Subscribing to these newsletters is half the battle won. You need to schedule a plan to read them on regular basis, otherwise, these emails may start to feel overwhelming. In your inbox, you can also filter and label them accordingly based on the category I showed you above. And then pick one or two specific topics to read on a regular interval. It's about putting in small efforts and being consistent.

If you work for a company, you can share these new updates in a brown bag, or knowledge-sharing sessions. Soon you'll realise how far have you come.

Thanks for reading, and do share this list with others so that they can join you on riding the giants. Good luck 🙂.

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sebastienlorber profile image
Sebastien Lorber

Another one for the React devs section: This Week In React

Image description

bigtechdigest profile image
Big Tech Digest

Check out Big Tech Digest which aggregates links to the latest engineering blog posts from Big Tech companies and startups including frontend twice a month.

Here's a preview of the last issue:

Image description

amiceli profile image

Nice list, I would add jster.

saroj990 profile image
saroj sasmal

Thanks for compiling this into a blog post. Appreciate it!

aman_singh profile image
Amandeep Singh

Thanks. Glad it was helpful.

pinceladasdaweb profile image
Pedro Rogério

Here is a list of some newsletters that I follow:

albertpak profile image

Good source for React updates and news:

ashrafsabrym profile image
أشرف صبري

Where's frontend focus?

aman_singh profile image
Amandeep Singh • Edited

Ah yes, I do have its subscription too. Forgot to add it into the list. I'll update it now. Thanks again 👍

melfordd profile image
Melford Birakor

Thanks a lot!!!

kalashin1 profile image
Kinanee Samson

Thanks for the GraphQL i have been looking for resources on it.

sarthaksavvy profile image
𝒮𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓀 📨

You can add bitfumes newsletter also

jgurtz profile image
Jason Gurtz

Any recommendations for backend or devops lists out there for things like C, C++, Golang, Java, Python, Databases?

aman_singh profile image
Amandeep Singh • Edited

Hi Jason, it's been a while that I've been out of touch with other languages, but I remember having a list of these newsletters when I was learning python and C++.

But I'm sure, you should be able to find a list of good one over the internet. Good luck.

doutir profile image
Nathan Guedes

Para quem fala português recomendo a do Filipe Deschamps é um ótimo conteúdo aleatório

developer_secure_1c3911cd profile image
Developer Secure • Edited

Github launched newsletter recently. I would add that too