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And GPT-3 can write movie scripts!!!๐ŸŽฅ

GPT-3 has been used for many different things and it is doing these things with unimaginable accuracy. This language model is although not very foolproof as it can generate chunks of results which are not comprehensible or understandable by humans.

Some of the most popular uses of GPT-3 has been described by me in the following blogs

Now I am flabbergasted by the fact that GPT-3 can write movie scripts and has humour and twist incorporated in it. GPT-3 has written a script for the movie named Solicitors. The film was directed and shot by Jacob Vaus, produced by Eli Weiss. It is a short film with just two characters Barb and Rudy. The script for the movie can be found here.

You can watch this hilarious little short film with twists and turns here.

The biggest challenge for humans is to act in an AI scripted movie and the actors also found it challenging. The other challenge is to find the depth in character created by AI.

โ€œThe biggest challenge for me, acting in a film written largely by A.I., was trying to find motivation for my character and intention in my dialogue.โ€

I think in the future AIs will assist humans in writing movie scripts. It may be a possibility that directors will generate different scripts for the same movie by prompting a scene and then combine them to make a film of their choice.

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