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Another 10 gems of GPT-3

I wrote a post about the uses of GPT-3 a few days ago to be specific just 10 days ago but the number of interesting developments using the GPT-3 API are so much that I could not stop myself from writing another post showing some awesome developments using the GPT-3 API.

The Philosopher

A lot has been discussed about the pros and cons of GPT-3. What happens when the AI itself turns into a philosopher and answers the questions about the effects of GPT on humanity. Here is an example where the GPT-3 writes an essay explaining itself to humanity and how it will affect humankind.

The AI recursion

What will happen when Machine Learning models start writing Machine learning models. It sounds like the story of a Sci-fi movie, but it's a reality now GPT-3 can write ML models for specific datasets and tasks.

The Meme maker

Today in this world of social media we see a lot of memes. GPT-3 can generate memes too. It can understand the nuances of meme-making and generate really hilarious memes by just getting some prompts.

The LaTeX fabricator

LaTeX can be quite tiresome if we have to write some complex equations, and GPT-3 comes to the rescue of humans for such a mundane task. Just give the equation in plain English and it will produce the LaTeX equations.

The Animator

GPT-3 has played many roles and can generate many things and one of those roles is that of an animator. It can generate frame by frame animation using Figma plugin and some text prompt.

The Interactive Voice Response creator

We must have dealt with IVR in our day-to-day life for booking gas cylinders, to booking seats at restaurants or for appointments at salon or spa. GPT-3 can generate IVR flow and generate it pretty fast.

The 3D scene generator

GPT-3 can generate 3D scenes using threejs Javascript API. It generates code for the 3D scene if you describe the scene to it. Presently it can generate just simple 3D objects.

The Resume Creator

How many times have we struggled with the task of creating an efficient and concise resume for our job interviews. GPT-3 can build resumes for us also. You have to write your description and it gives you concise points to add value to your resume.

The DevOps engineer

GPT-3 can not only write beautiful articles, create apps, and website but it can also help you in DevOps. It is like a multidisciplinary developer with a lot of abilities.

The Cricket commentator

The job of sports commentators is also at risk by the advent of GPT-3. It can generate textual cricket commentaries as in sites like Cricbuzz and Cricinfo. Just check the demo.

I hope you liked this list of GPT-3 applications as well. It has a mix of some fun things along with the technical ones. Please check my other blog written below for some more awesome uses of GPT-3.

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You should see how GPT-3 builds fully functional websites :)

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That's really awesome