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Negotiating is hard.

Negotiating is hard.

Artist: @NeonLanterns

I had a delightful conversation on Pursuit Podcast with Gloria Kimbwala and Jessica Rose about various aspects of job offers and negotiation tactics!

Some examples of things besides your base salary you can negotiate for are...

  • Signing bonus
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Vacation days
  • Conference stipend
  • Equity
  • ... and a lot more

What are your tips for job offer negotiations or things you think people should be aware of?

Check out the episode to learn more about the logistics of your job offer:

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Miguel Teheran

here my tips:

  1. Always reject the first offer. They always have a counter-offer for you.

  2. Even though you are happy with your current job, don't be afraid to present new interviews. Perhaps, a good opportunity is waiting for you or the company in your current job can get better your salary.

  3. Show your skills. Forums, portfolio, blogs, events are good ways to show your knowledge and skills.

  4. Give value to the emotional salary. I mean flexible hours, working from home, career path, bonus etc...

Good post, Thanks!.

guitarkat profile image

Emotional salary. Hey, I like the way that sounds and I definitely take more emotional salary than others.

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Eli Bierman • Edited

That art is awesome! Such a cool format for summarizing the podcast content.

This is such an important topic. I really like the tactic of keeping a record of your contributions, and presenting it in a way that the company has shown that they value. I love the phrase "shape of seniority," and it really can be so different at different companies.

I've heard a lot of people (mostly women) express the feeling that they don't want to negotiate because they don't want to come off as ungrateful for the opportunity. As an employee it feels super personal, but for the employer it is just a business transaction. I think it can be helpful to try to shift perspective from "selling yourself" to "selling the service you offer." It makes it less personal and emotionally draining, and aligns better with the employer's perspective.

The employer is only engaging in the transaction because the value your service generates for their business is greater than the cost of your salary + benefits. Sometimes employers try to make it personal and make you feel guilty or ungrateful as a negotiation tactic. You can always redirect to the value that your service offers the business.

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Amy Codes

Thanks for pointing that out! And yeah. I think its so easy for people to realize that a business at the end of the day is still a business. I also think that people forget that its not about feeling grateful or not to your employer. Its more about what services you offer in exchange for money.

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Chrissy Hunt

I'm starting my first developer job hunt in two months and definitely bookmarking this for future reference! Thanks so much for taking the time to so this -- it's really helpful to hear about this from someone in the industry.

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Aaack! I needed this so much. Listening now :D

I have never negotiated offers. Usually, and this is embarrassing, I have low-balled my quote so much that I've embarrassed the client or employer, they end up offering me more. That sucks. I feel like I'm crawling on the ground ... "you, you'll pay me...? oh thank you." Which is lame.