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Even programmers need a Reset

When I started my journey as a developer i remember this joke that said: “You’re a developer why don’t you just reset and problem solved” the thing is that I’ve never realized that we actually can do that. One of the most important things to understand as a programmer is that we don’t have lo know it all but sometimes, we forgot about that.

Understanding how brain works and apply learning techniques

Is well known that developers are night workers, our ideas are more fluent and solutions came up into our minds. What we don’t realize is the importance and the impact of sleeping at least 6 hours to help our brain work better.

We can learn a lot of things in a shorter time when we sleep better, in this way we can activate our focus thinking that will help us to learn faster.

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2 books every programmer should read

  • Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold
    • A great book that introduce us to computers from the beginning help us to understand better how computer works including basic concepts starting from what is code and electronics.
    • Explains a lot about the first generation computers and how software get introduced.
  • Passionate Programmer by Chad Flower
    • This book opens our mind and help us to build our career path, teaching us the importance of having a mentor through this process also giving us and advice to improve our skills as a programmer.

The way feedback can make us better

Everyone should learn how to take feedback, because sometimes we can think that is related to our person. Feedback is the key to be a better person, to improve ourselves. This month I worked a lot on my personal communication skills when I started working on my lightning talks I lose the fear of speak in public. I start waiting for my feedback in order to see what things I needed to improve.

When I started taking feedback the best way possible and including the recommendations, my work start to look even more professional.

We all need a Rest phase, where we can identify things were we need to focus to have a better growth.

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