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Anand Safi
Anand Safi

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Communicate & Collaborate — 5 things I wish I knew as a Software Engineer (Part 4/5)

In case you missed the first part in this 5 part series — you can read about it at: Key Point 3 — Not POCing enough — 5 things I wish I knew as a Software Engineer

All the 5 key traits can be found here in this article.
I love the following quote which seems apt for this key trait.

None of us is as smart as all of us. — Ken Blanchard

Software Engineering is an art and definitely demands creativity. Often times, due to the nature of work in this field, engineers tend to be cut-off or cornered from a more collaborative spirit. It might simply mean they are having heads down time or really need to focus on solving a particular challenge in a quiet, isolated manner.

While the above certainly makes sense and I agree with the approach, the problem manifests when that becomes a workstyle and mindset. When one continues to be a lone wolf and power through work on their own, they will be twice more resistant to seek help/ ask their teammates to unblock them. Pride can easily get in the way when you want to showcase your top-notch skills as an engineer.

Along with being hesitant to collaborate, it also leads to a communication gap. The team has less visibility in your work as the time passes and may struggle to work with you and intervene when to assist. Communication helps foster team building, speaking the same language and able to articulate any complex technical work in non technical fashion.


I would love to know your thoughts in comments below and if you have felt or experienced something similar.
On to the next and last Key Trait #5 — Mastering a niche vs Smart Generalist…


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