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Andrea Estrada
Andrea Estrada

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New Found Passion

Less than a year ago I started learning about coding, HTML & CSS with a terrific group of young people, and everything was fine until we got to the wondrous JavaScript. I'm not saying everything went down down (in Chile we repeat words to emphasise something), but it seemed like my brain lost power and suddenly I felt like it was impossible to learn one more word! OK, things went down, but very slowly.

I was so excited about memorising new concepts, typing "var = something something, console.log("whatever")" and when the code worked it was an adrenaline rush like no other. But my classmates and I started experiencing a quiet frustration when the problems seemed impossible to solve and our faces had that "undefined" look for long minutes. I kept experiencing the lack of answers in my brain and one day I realised I couldn't do it anymore. That same day I learned it was the last day of classes. I felt a HUGE relief.

The problem was that the exhaustion seemed to kill this new found passion for coding, and I did not open my laptop for weeks. Why couldn't we just stick to the beautiful HTML & CSS like any healthy human being? Why did we have to dive into JS when life was so much easier without it?

After a few weeks of rest I kept thinking about coding, but whats coding without coding? be continued.

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Giorgos Kontopoulos πŸ‘€ • Edited

@andreaestradafranco beautiful writeup.
Not every aspect of web development or software development is for everyone.

I would say just dive in once more in js territory and if you don't grasp it ask for help (or mentor) or post a question here or just move on and focus on the things that still make you smile. Not everyone is a master of all programming technologies out there but the more you know the better rounded decisions you can make down the line.

I say experiece actually comes from doing things so set yourself or allow yourself to jump in any interesting projects and try to find and learn all the tools needed for the job. You will make progress without realizing.

My 2c

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Cameron Wilby

The passion grows more over time as you learn more and are capable of learning more πŸ‘

Have fun!