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The wait is over, Mandarine 2.0.0 is here.

Mandarine is an open-source typescript framework that runs on Deno. Mandarine is used to develop any type of server-side application (Mostly MVC) with the use of strong design patterns such as Dependency Injection, or the SOLID principles.

From Mandarine's website:

A minimalist, decorator-driven, MVC framework for Deno.

Mandarine is by far the best server-side framework in Deno

If you have not read this article, I highly recommend you reading it in order to have a better ground on the things that will be discussed on this version 2.0.0 presentation post & the reason why's Mandarine is perhaps the most stable framework in Deno.
Click here for the article

Rich in features

Mandarine 2.0.0 comes with a ton of built-in features that will make you life easier when it comes to back-end development. Not only these features were created to solve enterprise-level problems but also issues for small-level projects.
2.0.0 gives Mandarine a better position in front of other great frameworks such as NestJS and makes it clear there is no doubt that Mandarine is production-ready.

Without further ado, let's get to it:

  • Built-in Authentication System

    • Mandarine provides a built-in authentication system. With this system you no more have to worry about creating endpoints such as login & logout. Or, creating the logic necessary to protect different endpoints in your application. Following Mandarine's built-in authentication guide will make your application more secure and it will all be handled by the framework, saving you not only time, but security concerns and lines of code. There is a complete guide on Mandarine's documentation page under "Mandarine Security" you will find the documentation of "Authentication". Click here to see a full example
    • This system was mainly inspired by the great work of Spring Boot Framework in Java.
    • This feature puts Mandarine ahead of many other typescript/javascript frameworks out there.
  • Pipes

  • Custom Decorators

    • Mandarine now provides a decorator factory which lets you create your own HTTP Parameter Decorators. This is useful when wanting to avoid boilerplate of utility classes or helpers. The use cases of this are many, hopefully you will find one!. Read more about Custom Decorators here

Those are the main 3 features Mandarine provides in its 2.0.0 version. Although, many were included in this release such as:

  • Middleware targeting specific controllers or HTTP Handlers. See here
  • Non-component middleware. See here
  • Exception filters. See here
  • Security Expressions. See here

And many more. If you are interested in finding out a complete overview on what is new in Mandarine 2.0.0, Click here on the official release page and take a look.

Simple Usage

Click here to see a quick example on how to get started with Mandarine

Mandarine on social media

Release Page Here

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