What gives you the most anxiety when freelancing?

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For me, its always been invoicing.

My mother owns a computer repair store and in my teens, I was responsible for invoicing which had to be met with perfection. Had to capitalize words a certain way, word things a certain way.

I will spend so much time reviewing and perfecting invoicing.

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One of the things that stops me doing more freelancing than I would like to is the fear of not being able to complete something on time, either due to overestimating my ability, or having something completely out of my control coming up and putting a wrench in my plans.

Sounds silly, but it's always a worry I can't get out of my mind.


When I did some freelancing, the most nerve-wracking part was telling someone non-technical how much the project was going to cost.


Lose a customer for a poorly developed project


The amount of advice and suggestions related to getting started can be... just as overwhelming as trying to figure out where to get started.

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