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Question to CTOs: Do you hire Junior Web Devs?

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Is it a thing to hire Junior Devs or most companies are looking for Mid-level folks?

If you do hire Junior Devs:

  1. What skills are you looking for?
  2. What is a no go in candidate's CV?
  3. Does your company provide training for juniors?

Super excited to hear your thoughts on that!

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All the time, for a number of reasons.

There's a huge financial incentive, as well as being a wider talent pool.

Additionally, having juniors on the team helps round out your other Devs by providing them with mentorship and coaching opportunities, which are vital in a developer's growth by helping weed out some of the less-flattering stereotypes regarding developers' soft skills.

We <3 juniors.


Thanks for your answer, Brandin!

It's great to hear that you have a whole system set up to onboard and mentor juniors.

What if they're remote though. Do you consider such candidates and does the remote coaching work for you?


Remote is a lot trickier, and really depends on the structure of the organization.

remote junior Devs are a bit trickier, as the most difficult part in our experience is onboarding and orientation, which is significantly easier to manage locally.

We probably wouldn't hire a remote dev, but would be open to hiring a local dev and giving them the option to work remotely once they're sufficiently equipped to work with our solutions.

But that friction is going to vary from organization to organization, and the financial benefits are still there, so as a rule, I'd still continue to hire junior Devs, yes.

Got it, I totally see why hiring remote junior devs might be tricky. Thanks for explaining that! ✨

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