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The SZITCH Project

Here it starts. My own first project. SZITCH (aka switch). A simple web application for gamers and anyone who loves gaming to reach that goal for being a Pro. No matter who you are, where you are, what kind off PC you have or even mobile you have, szitch should be a platform that allows anyone to follow their gaming journey from anywhere from any background.

To be honest, I don't if its gonna work out or even if i can build it myself but I love building. I love creation. So my target is just 3 functions in the coming months :

  1. A Sign Up/ Login Page
  2. A profile page that displays your gaming history and achievements (improv)
  3. A third page that helps gamers to navigate into esports world alone or with their friends based on their profile ranking.

I am thinking to write the web app in React. I am okey in Javascript atleast I can understand what is happening in what way. The primary focus will be developing the algorithm for the platform.

I will keep posted my journey throughout the course of this project and will as transparent as possible. Just to make sure that I leave a record what was doing in Dec 2020 in my life. Haha.

If anyone is interested in seeing the final product in the coming months I will leave a waitlist forum for you guys.

Sign Up for SZITCH waitlist :


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