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Angular Enterprise Security Academy is OPEN 🀩

Do you want to learn all you need about Web Security and implement a role-based enterprise-grade authorization in Angular and Node.js?

I am happy to announce that Angular Enterprise Security Academy is open!
During the upcoming 10 weeks, we will be working together with our group to

  • Have a solid understanding of the Web Security model
  • Know Web Security vulnerabilities and prevention methods
  • Implement a role-based authorization system in real-life application
  • Know how to secure Angular application and backend API

You can join here and use exclusive DEV_TO_25 discount code to get 25% off the price!

The idea is that students learn from the videos in their own time, and we meet on a weekly basis on live sessions to answer questions, review the code and overcome all challenges!

Let's meet there!

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briancodes profile image

Hi. May I ask how many videos (hrs) is there per week during the course?

bartosz_io profile image
Bartosz Pietrucha

Hi Brian, each module (apart from the first, intro module) comprises of 1-2 hours of video recordings.

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