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Build a Memory Game in vanilla JavaScript

Memory Game, also known as the Concentration card game or Matching Game, is a simple card game where you need to match pairs by turning over 2 cards at a time.

In this walkthrough, I will be putting extra focus on setting Attributes in JavaScript. If you want to learn how to use setAttritube and getAttribute effectively, please do code along.

We are also going to be looking at:

  • for loops
  • addEventListener
  • setAttribute
  • getAttribute
  • data-name
  • document.querySelector
  • createElement
  • Sort
  • math.random.

As always I have kept the styling at a bare minimum for you to go wild and make it your own.

I would love to see what you made so please tag me on twitter on @ania_kubow or mention me on Youtube so I can find it and see :)

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