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Ania Kubow
Ania Kubow

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Build Candy Crush in vanilla JavaScript!

In this walkthrough, I show you how to build Candy Crush in pure JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

This walkthrough is great as it will show you how to drag and drop elements in JavaScript. This is a very popular element in building many JavaScript projects.

In addition to this, we will also be practising using inbuilt methods such as:

  • addEventListener()
  • setAttribute()
  • setInterval()
  • some()
  • every()
  • forEach()
  • includes()
  • contains()
  • add()
  • remove()
  • createElement()
  • appendChild()
  • push()
  • continue

And many more.

I would love to see your finished game to please do tag me on YouTube, Twitter (@ania_kubow) or Instagram (@aniakubow) :)

I made the background myself, so if you want to use it go for it! I don't mind :) You will find it in the link below.

For images or my final code, please see my GitHub here:

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This Dot Media

So fun! Thanks for the tutorial Ania