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Top 10 Google chrome extensions I use as backend web developer

Many extensions are available for chrome which helpful in any way but I am going to share what I use as a backend developer and going to explain how they are helping me speed up the daily. So let us start.

1.Fake Filler

I use fake filler every day and it saves me a lot of time during development and testing. It fills the form with all inputs on a page with fake/dummy data. So you don't have to enter one by one.

learn more here: Fake Filler

2.JSON Formatter

When I am building simple APIs or interacting with any other API and I don't want to leave chrome then JSON Formatter helps me a lot. I use this for formatting the response in the browser.

learn more here: JSON Formatter

3.Nimbus Capture

when I finish adding a feature or I have to clarify something to the client via screenshot or screencast then Nimbus is one solution for me I feel. It is not specific to web developers but it helps me a lot.

Learn more: Nimbus Capture


Wappalyzer is used to detect the Web technologies like cms, framework, etc is using. I used this to see what are others are using to build robust web applications and what I can learn from them.

Learn more: Wappalyzer

5.Vue.js devtools

When I have to work with vue.js this helps me debug vue.js applications.

Learn more: Vue.js Devtools

This extension is very helpful and it keeps me up to date about dev news, blog, and programming news.

Learn more:

7.Lorem Ipsum Generator

Again this one is for adding data to form input and testing the form. This extension helps me to generate random text.

Learn more: Lorem Ipsum Generator

8.Clear Cache

when a page is loaded frequently browser used to cache the content and this cause problem sometime when you're testing things this extension helps me clearthe cache so that you don't have to go through setting all the time.

learn more: Clear Cache

9.Web Developer

This extension has set of tools for web developers which helps in many way.

learn more: Web Developer

10.Google Keep

I use this extension for saving if I find any important website, links. I often use it to keep information UAT servers and things like that.

Learn more: Google Keep

Thank you for reading. Stay safe

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Thanks for sharing! 👍🏾

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Anish Ansari

Sure,Thanks for reading.