What are your top WFH/Remote working tips?

antjanus profile image Antonin Januska ・1 min read

So many people are having to work from home or work remotely due to COVID-19, what are your tips for them?

Here are mine:

  1. Get dressed -- doesn't have to be formal, just avoid pajamas or bathrobes
  2. set a regular schedule as you would in office -- even if it's an unconventional schedule
  3. work in a space separate from your relax/wind down place -- working on a couch has always been a productivity killer
  4. take breaks to make coffee


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Do something every week.

Only set an alarm for special occasions.

Work with people whoms time zone fits your sleeping schedule.

Work/Life ballance is easier to manage if you only work 10-20h a week.


Make sure to block out some time for something physical. I force myself to get up and either take a walk or do 15-30 minutes yoga every day right before I eat lunch. Helps to give myself a bit of structure, plus exercise is great anyway!


Segregation is my best tip. Your systems, your environment, everything. It's hard to focus with distractions. Separate yourself like you would at work (which is usually in a physically different location, on different systems, etc.) and to echo others: still "get ready" for work and be presentable as that will change your mindset as well.


I'm curious if anyone has found a solid replacement to whiteboard discussions. Best I've found so far is Wacom tablets, using Google draw collaboratively, each person using a different colour. It kinda of works until you get into printing and then it starts falling apart.


not really but I'm also not a whiteboard-y person. We usually open a markdown documents, type out quick notes, write some pseudo-code, etc. and that's been working out pretty well.

It doesn't translate 100% but also, whenever my team gets together and we have a whiteboard, we end up hooking up our laptops to a screen and doing the markdown doc thing anyways haha


I thought of a few more!

  1. get some solid brain food to munch on
  2. take real lunch breaks. Not working lunch breaks, despite how enticing that sounds
  3. let your team know when you will and will not be available
  4. communicate with your work about what you were up to that day -- remote work needs more transparency!

make sure to have toilet paper
wash your hands
drink water
do crimes
hail satan


Hail satan, for sure. May the dark lord smile up on us.

But you've got a good point! One other thing I'd add is to get food!