What are your favorite themes for your IDE/Shell?

antjanus profile image Antonin Januska ・1 min read

I'm on the hunt for a new VIM/VSCode/ZSH theme, I'd love to hear what your favorite ones are! (Mine will be in the comments)


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For VS Code, 2077. Screenshot is from when I was following along with Adam Wathan's TicketBeast tutorial project a while ago.


ZSH with Oh My ZSH and powerlevel10k theme, running in Konsole on Kubuntu. Konsole theme is Inspiration. There are a number of matching parts for KDE Plasma, GTK 2 & 3, icons, application colors, and login and splash screens.


Before anyone says anything, no, I wasn't trying to match VS Code and the rest of Inspiration. I found the Inspiration set for KDE first and found the VS Code theme later. But I really liked the VS Code neon theme, so I decided to use it. Maybe when I get time I can fork it and tweak to be a more blue/green version.


I think I've used 2077 before. i love that purple aesthetic! I've used purple themes and they're so nice.

Yeah, idk i don't ever try to match the themes. It all blurs together too much. Plus, using a terminal is different from a code editor. I like the separation. :)


I really do love this Code theme. The author did it so well.

I may still do a greenish variant instead of the purple, just to have the option. I'm partial to blues and greens, but the themes I've come across with those tones were too bland and usually had only greens and blues (very much adding to the blandness).

Actually, I'm a bit torn on this... I think even if I did go forward with this, I would want to ensure the purples are incorporated somehow. Maybe if I just rotated/adjusted some colors...


I'm currently using the Min dark theme for VS Code, although I still love Night Owl. For ssh, I use the Agnoster theme.

Screenshot of VSCode with my current theme Min dark


I use the Horizon Bold for Visual Studio Code, and spacefish for the fish shell.


My ZSH theme is Steeef paired with Tango theme for my terminal (don't have a link for it, it seems to be built-in for most terminals?)

zsh steef and tango theme

I pair this with VIM gotham theme

vim theme

And finally, I use the Universe theme for VSCode when I'm in VSCode.

vscode universe theme