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JetBrains gave me 1 year license for all products

A week ago I chatted to colleague about JetBrains products. We tolked about this and that. And then the colleague told me: do you know that JetBrains give an annual license if you are an open source developer?

I didn't know about this opportunity. It getting interesting :) I read in the requirements that for the approval of the application is necessary to have the project more than 3 months old and it has to be in active development. I filled out the form indicating:

GitHub logo antonreshetov / mysigmail

UI Email Signature Generator - Make easy to create your email signature

Project is no longer maintained, and may have bugs and security issues. Feel free to fork but no pull request or security alert will be answered

Website - | Twitter - @mysigmail

MySigMail - UI email signature generator on GitHub | Product Hunt Embed


Creating an email signature is not a trivial task, even for people who have knowledge of HTML and CSS. And what about ordinary users.

There are many solutions on the Internet, and most of them are paid. There are free, but all of them are closed source. I wanted to make a free application with a user-friendly interface and open source code.

So let's make creating email signatures easier!


  • Upload image - upload to AWS S3 or set public link
  • Custom fields - add unlimited number of custom fields with different types such as: text, link, email
  • Social icons - add social media links to your signature
  • Options - customize your signature as you like…

and sent it.

A few days later I received a reply in which I got approved 1 year license for all products. I was delighted!

It's great that the big company support open source development.

Try your luck!

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Saurabh Sharma

they also give 1 year free for students. (all IDE's)

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Sergiu Mureşan

Yep. And not just university, even high schoolers can get it!

ryuuji159 profile image
Daniel Cortés

Yep I use that licence with my institutional email, but I only have 2 years left and at this point I can't leave the platform x.x I will have to pay the 700ish USD

amxcontrolfreak profile image
Jeremiah • Edited

That price, $650 USD, is for organizations; individual licenses only cost $250 and go down to $150/year after the 3rd year of renewal. What I like most about their personal/individual license is that it does not restrict where I can use it. This means the license I personally bought can be used at my place of employment, even if it's a huge corporation. Check out their FAQ to determine if you need an organizational or individual license. Simply put:

*A Commercial license is the standard licensing option for organizations and business entities.

*A Personal license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license with their own funds, and solely for their own use.

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Glenn Carremans

I love it ❤️ I am now in my second year of free Jetbrains open source license.
They also give out multiple licenses if you have active contributors, I have donated a 2nd license to my most active contributor (also 2nd year now).