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BOOM!! 500+ Exciting Project Ideas for ML, AI, IoT, and many more

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For all the programming books that you have read and the tutorials you took, it rather seems to be futile unless you don't have hands-on experience on some top real-time projects.
I think the IT world's learning curve would've been more interesting if we followed the reverse chronology more often i.e. implement it practically first and you will understand the concepts much better. 

So, here's something that will help you in satisfying your appetite for laying your hands on some of the best projects available on the internet. This article is a one-stop solution for all the top projects related to the fields of Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT, and much more.

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The smartest way to become an expert in the most demanded programming language on the planet is through working on real-time projects. The below-mentioned projects will make you familiar with the versatility of Python and you will understand the reasons behind why it is the most preferred programming language for Data Science and Machine Learning.

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Breast Cancer Classification
  • Music Player
  • Instagram Bot
  • Fake News Detection

Access to more top-class Python projects


These projects will assist you in making a career in the sexiest profession of the 21st century. A deep insight into what the Data Science world is all about.

  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Movie Recommendation System
  • Traffic Signs Recognition
  • Image Caption Generator
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition

Compilation of all the top Data Science Projects


If making the machines to learn is an art, then these projects promise to make you an artist. These projects will help in whetting your Machine Learning skills.

  • Stock Price Prediction
  • Titanic Survival
  • Wine Quality Testing
  • Catching Illegal Fishing
  • Bitcoin Price Predictor

A complete package of Best Machine Learning Projects


Deep Learning is probably the most prominent technique in the field of Machine Learning. These projects will let you dive deep into this field and enhance your skills to another level.

  • Your own Neural Network
  • Image Classification
  • Dog’s Breed Identification
  • Gender Recognition Using Voice
  • Human Activity Recognition with Video Classification

A bunch of all the amazing Deep Learning Projects


The most efficient way to get your hands on the most powerful and compelling type of Artificial intelligence is through these projects. These Computer Vision projects are all you need to be a top player in the IT world.

  • Barcode and QR Code Scanner
  • Face Detection
  • Image Segmentation
  • Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Vehicle Counting and Classification

Collection of all the topmost Computer Vision Projects


These projects are a sure shot way for becoming a pro in one of the most fascinating fields of this century-IoT. Because it's your time to experience a roller coaster ride of IoT.

  • Weather Reporting System
  • Facial Recognition Door Unlock
  • Fire Detection System
  • IoT Based Smart Mirror
  • Smart Parking System using IoT

A sea that has Top Projects of IoT

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly Bookmark this and strengthen your skills in whatever field you wish to.
Have access to it anytime and anywhere.

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You have compiled a humongous list of projects. Kudos :)


That's an amazing list! Thank you very much! 👍


I would add github.com/ambianic (Helpful AI for Home and Business Automation) to the list as well.