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Maël Nison
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Yarn 💞 GitHub Sponsors

The Yarn organization now accepts individual & corporate sponsorships via both GitHub Sponsors and OpenCollective! 🌟

Ever since its inception in 2016 the project operated without official structure allowing it to receive donations. While we made it work, developing expert tools like package managers revealed itself an extremely resource-intensive task. While our companies have been understanding, maintaining Yarn isn't part of our official job statements and many hours have to be spent maintaining the project and supporting our users during our spare time.

As we're working on Yarn 3, we hope donations will help our core team justify this work while also giving us the resources needed to sometimes delegate parts of the maintenance to professionals (be it for external security reviews, website redesign, documentation proofreading, etc), thus further improving the quality of our production and letting us focus on building the very tool and workflows we all use everyday.

If you're interested to know more, feel free to ping our team on our Discord server and we'll be happy to help!

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Anton Alexandrenok

Any reason to disallow donations less than $10?

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Maël Nison

They're available via OpenCollective! 🙂