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ChatGPT is the Game Changer!

ChatGPT is changing the game, and I want to share real things you can do with this AI system today.

Please save this post and start testing this technology NOW so you’re ahead of the curve.

✅ Summary
Copy and paste an article, and ask, “can you summarize this article in one paragraph in a way that a 5th grader could understand it?”

✅ Coding
Ask it to write basic scripts or even more qualitative questions like “what is the most efficient way to loop through a list in Python?”

✅ Planning
Think of an overwhelming task you have on your plate and a reasonable timeline, and ask, “create a schedule for me to launch my new machine learning startup by May 1, 2023? Please include deliverables, timelines, contingency planning, team bonding, breaks, brainstorming, and user testing.”

✅ Creativity
Think of something you want to shake up in your life and ask, “I’m going to turn 40-years-old soon and I want to celebrate my birthday in a new and different way that incorporates my passions. I love archery, Korean BBQ, musicals, and axe throwing. What are three ideas for a birthday that costs under $2000 and can accommodate 10 people?”

✅ Writer’s Block
Do you have an email or blog post you’ve been meaning to write but need a little push? Just ask, “write a nice email to Tom that asks him if he enjoyed the offsite, and then to update his monthly report and send me his promotion document.” Use that as a foundation, then edit or tweak as needed.

*✅ Motivation *
AI is not a replacement for trained medical professionals, but if you’re feeling a little low you can ask, “can you give me three motivational phrases to help me get through a hard day when I’m low on sleep?”

And that’s just the beginning.

Is the tool perfect? Absolutely not. I’ve explored these flaws in countless posts—bias, data privacy, homogeneity, centralization, accuracy, reliance, plagiarism, job shifts, just to name a few.

But part of preparing for the future means understanding it.

And understanding it often means trying it, testing it, breaking it.

AI is not science fiction. It’s not a thought experiment from the 60s or a movie you watched in the 90s.

It’s here.

CREDITS: Inspired Analyts

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lansolo99 profile image

Great suggestions! I was wondering how much you rely on Gpt during a day, and if it can be a replacement for Copilot regarding code ? (suppose you may use it)

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