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Below you will find a curated list of resources I have found useful in my endevours designing and developing web applications.

💻 Blogs

  • Flavio Copes - seemingly endless articles on a wide variety of technical subjects. Most articles are related to web development.
  • 7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design - a great list of tips to keep in mind when doing web design. They do a fantastic job explaining the concepts, and the article is written to help developers who may struggle with design.
  • UX Collective - curated stories on UX, usability, and design.

💾 GitHub repositories

  • freeCodeCamp - freeCodeCamp has a repository that's home to their open source codebase and curriculum.
  • free-for.dev - a list of software products which have free tiers for developers.
  • Free programming books - a list of free programming books, with many available languages.
  • Awesome podcasts - a list of podcasts, most of which are development related.
  • Marketing for Engineers - a curated list of marketing resources for developers.

🌈 Colors

  • Coolors - generate and browse color palletes.
  • ColorHunt - curated color pallettes, great for inspiration.

👥 Communities

  • IndieHackers - a great community focused on helping people build and run internet businesses. This site has an entreprenuerial leaning, but most of the members seem to be developers.
  • Hacker News - Y Combinator's news site. There is lots of interesting content here daily.
  • Dev.to - Dev.to is a community of software developers helping each other.

💡 Inspiration

📺 YouTube Channels (less web focused)

  • ThinMatrix - a great devlog from ThinMatrix, the solo developer of Equillinox. He showed his journey developing, and successfully releasing the game. He's now working on a new project, a city building game. His uploads are infrequent but they are always high quality and entertaining.
  • Bisqwit - very technical, but also very interesting videos.
  • Brackeys - the king of Unity Engine tutorials.

🧰 No code tools (not free)

  • Carrd - visual builder for one-page sites. Comes with some great templates. This is my go-to for getting a landing page up and running quickly.
  • Webflow - build custom websites using a visual canvas. Webflow allows more freedom, and more functionality-rich sites than Carrd, but it has a steeper learning curve.

🔨 Dev Tools

  • Trello - card-based project tracking.
  • Upvoty - a tool to get feedback on project development roadmaps through user voting. I briefly used this when developing Discord Bot Studio and found it had everything I needed at a fairly low price point.
  • GitBook - my go-to choice for creating product documentation. They have a free plan which even allows using a custom domain.
  • Visual Studio Code - this one won't be new to most people, but it's too good to leave off the list. Free, open source IDE with great extension support.
  • Postman - GUI for testing and developing APIs.
  • Hugo - static site generator. Hugo claims to be the fastest framework for building websites. I can't verify if that's totally true or not, but I've been impressed. This site is made with Hugo; I wrote about that here.

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Great Article!

I love to use codepen.io/ for some inspiration and great designed components.
And i use Evernote for almost everything where i need to take notes or like to write some things down.


I use Trello for everything.

I also follow Flavio Copes. These are amazing resources. Thanks <3


I highly suggest picking up Postman, linked above! It's so useful to send Delete and Post requests to your web applications to ensure they are working properly.


Good post lots of useful resources here.

  • I'm also having a youtube channel called vuelancer!