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CalinixOS Alpha 5 Stable Release

I'm Arghya Sarkar the lead developer of Calinix, and these are the recent updates of CalinixOS

If you haven't seen my previous article, check out

There I explained what Calinix is. We've come a long way since then, and have released our Alpha 5 Stable release

The stable release fixes all the Bugs that were discovered in the whole series of Alpha 5 Releases.

Our releases currently are made in the following way:

Each Alpha series goes through 10 levels of testing, and the usual stable release (after 10 tests) is expected to have least bugs/no bugs.

Currently we are testing our Alpha 6-4 release (4th testing of Alpha 6)

The Alpha 6 stable release will go through half a month of testing for bugs and stuff then only released

This helps us stay stable and reliable. We even have a bunch of tutorials in our YouTube channel for CalinixOS. You can join our discord server for support too, we have an active support team there, including me myself.

So let's come to Alpha 5 Stable release

The Alpha 5 Stable release is tagnamed "0.5-M". After 10 releases, we announced our first stable release.

The changes:

  • As its the starting, basically the whole desktop was made in this series of testing. Wallpapers were switched, iris is currently non existent in Alpha 5 Stable (coming in Alpha 6 Stable)


  • Added VirtualBox auto scaling.
  • Fixed Alacritty
  • Fixed Picom Non Composition Issue
  • Added netinstall in Calamares
  • Redesigned Calamares
  • Lessened the number of unnecessary packages
  • Changed Default Filesystem to BTRFS


  • Some calamares errors (fixed in Alpha 6-4)
  • Netinstall Fails (removed in Alpha 6-3)
  • Iris doesn't work (Fixed in Alpha 6-1)

Hold your excitement till CalinixOS Alpha 6 Stable release!! For a more beautiful desktop experience.

This was it about 0.5-M release of Calinix.

Download Calinix Alpha 5 Stable

Grab the latest ISO from here:

NOTE: If you are running it in a VM, kill picom compositor at first to experience smooth performance

Live Boot Details:

Username: calinix
Password: calinix

Contact Us

Official website: (under development)
Discord (Our main support channel):
Contact Mail:
Official Blog:

Discovered more bugs? File an issue in the GitHub Repository, or report in our discord server.

NOTE : We've decided to move the Calinix ISO distribution to sourceforge. The Alpha 5 Stable release will deprecate as soon as Alpha 6 is released as Alpha 5 Stable is hosted in google Drive.


Calinix is supposed to release it's first major release sometime in 2021-2022, make sure to show some support by starring the repo and make sure to press on the "Watch" button so you don't miss any updates.

We would greatly appreciate any contributions, so if you find something that you can improve it, open a pull-request! You can also check out our open issues

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