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Rock It With Calinix

Currently working on my own Arch based Linux Distribution, CalinixOS. Making a distribution was my dream and fulfilling it currently doesn't let my joy stay bound! Its Alpha 5-3rc releases have been published and it's the pretty stable one

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What's so special in this distribution?

  • Just Open the Box. Calinix is Arch, but not necessarily as hard as Arch Installation. Calinix comes with various packages, modern interface and a calamares installer out of the box

  • Arch without Hassle. Yes, it's based on pure Arch with no custom package control, making your distribution rolling release, reliable and have infinite possibilities

  • Community Support. Facing a problem? The official developers along with other friendly people of the community await you in the reddit, discord server and forum. We highly care for our community and like to help them in each way we can.

  • The "Power User" kind-of desktop. With Vim, awesomeWM, Rofi and many other features, Calinix is a perfect choice for the linux "power users", with perfection! Though it shares it's looks with MacOSX, it is a lot more keyboard centric than MacOS


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Direct Download Link for Alpha 5:

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