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A Modern OS for the Power User

Hey Guys!
I am Arghya Sarkar! Lead Developer of CalinixOS. Some of you may already know what Calinix is, some of you don't, but this article is going to explain what Calinix is and it's features.

What is Calinix?

Three Words: Power, Beauty, Speed

That's what the Calinix Project is based on! We make products that give you a beautiful interface, a powerful and quick-to-work-in professional desktop and tools you can work on smoothly. We believe that when you are on your keyboard, you get more efficiency and comfortability to work. If you are among those, Calinix is making products for your kind. Calinix Team even believes in speed, so we deliver applications which are fast, even on low end hardware, as your hardware shouldn't decide your workflow.

What's CalinixOS?

CalinixOS is a Linux Distribution I'm developing currently with my other fellow friends. Its made for the Power user who likes to stay on the keyboard, using mouse less and making people's life faster. We try to make our OS the way you can be most productive in. We value your speed of work. Calinix may take some time to get used to, but when you master it, you are on your one stop destination for fastest work. It is currently under development.


Official Discord Server:
Official Website:


What's so special in this distribution?

  • Just Open the Box. Calinix is Arch, but not necessarily as hard as Arch Installation. Calinix comes with various packages, modern interface and a calamares installer out of the box

  • Arch without Hassle. Yes, it's based on pure Arch with no custom package control, making your distribution rolling release, reliable and have infinite possibilities

  • Community Support. Facing a problem? The official developers along with other friendly people of the community await you in the reddit, discord server and forum. We highly care for our community and like to help them in each way we can.

  • The "Power User" kind-of desktop. With Vim, awesomeWM, Rofi and many other pre built configs, Calinix is a perfect choice for the linux "power users", with perfection! Though it shares it's looks with MacOSX, it is a lot more keyboard centric than MacOS

MacOS vs Calinix

The UI is almost the same in Calinix, a centered dock, Mac like title bar and icon pack make it a lot similar to MacOS

When MacOS has its limitations, customization in Calinix is limitless. And that actually is about linux as a whole, install any DE/WM and customize it your own way. CalinixOS comes with the awesomewm which is one of the most customizable WMs and can be turned into anything if you wish.

Calinix is completely Free and Open Source. Unlike MacOS which is proprietary and paid, limited to its capabilities of Apple Devices only. Mac is as an Apple-exclusive. If you want to assemble a PC or get a budget laptop (with DOS) and expect to install Mac OS, it’s almost impossible. Mac comes baked in with the system Apple manufactures.

Besides, you can even modify the source code of your OS to add/remove something (which requires necessary technical knowledge) and create your own custom OS. Can you do that on Mac OS?


A lot of people are all praises for iOS and Mac for being a secure platform. Well, yes, it is secure in a way (maybe more secure than Windows OS), but probably not as secure as Linux. Number of Malware in Mac increases every day.

Calinix and Linux in Development

Using Linux doesn’t make you a super-intelligent being and could possibly get you any IT related job.

However, as you start using Linux and exploring it, you gain experience. As a techie, sooner or later you dive into the terminal, learning your way to move around the file system, installing applications via command line. You won’t even realize that you have learned the skills that newcomers in IT companies get trained on.

In addition to that, Linux has enormous scope in the job market. There are so many Linux related technologies (Cloud, Kubernetes, Sysadmin etc.) you can learn, earn certifications and get a nice paying job. And to learn these, you have to use Linux. Mac may be better in development than Windows but can't match capabilities of Linux


Calinix offers more control to the user while providing better security. Mac OS does not provide you with the full control of its platform. It does that to make things easier for you simultaneously enhancing your user experience. With Calinix, you can do whatever you want – which may result in poor user experience (for some) – but it does make it more reliable.

Download Calinix Alpha 5-3c

Grab the latest ISO from here:

NOTE: If you are running it in a VM, kill picom compositor at first to experience smooth performance

Live Boot Details:

  • Username: calinix
  • Password: calinix


Currently we need developers yes! Our team needs some expansion. We need people with any one of these skills:

  • Arch Linux Experience (not Manjaro)
  • AUR Packaging Capabilities
  • Marketing
  • Bash Scripting Capabilities
  • Plymouth Themes and setup
  • GUI App Developers

urgent tasks to be fulfilled:

  • Adding chaotic-aur to Calinix by default
  • Graphic Designers
  • UI Designers

Contact Us

If you wanna get in touch with us, join our Discord Server:

Even if you want to contact with us for being a developer/contributor, join the discord server for the same.


Calinix is supposed to release it's first version sometime in 2022-2023, make sure to show some support by starring the repo and make sure to press on the "Watch" button so you don't miss any updates.

We would greatly appreciate any contributions, so if you find something that you can improve, open a pull-request! You can also check out our open issues

Thanks so much for reading!

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Andrea Calzavacca

Seems very interesting. What do you use as default DE? Seems KDE in the few images I've seen. Also not reddit nor forum works right now, it is normal?

arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

Reddit and Forum don't work if accessed from header, but if you scroll down to Contact Us Section, you can access reddit, but yeah forum one is there but missed due to a typo, anyway


arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

We don't use a DE here, to keep it productivity-friendly and lightweight. We use a window manager (awesome window manager here:}

You can check out what WMs are by watching these vids by DT:

paranoidnemo profile image
Andrea Calzavacca

Thank you for the answer, yes I noticed after firing up the iso that was awesome wm. Very well customized I would say ;)

Thread Thread
arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

Thanks, We used the beautiful config files as base of manilarome

arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

Changes in Alpha 5-3c


  • Added SDDM themes
  • Fixed Rofi themes
  • Added SDDM config editor
  • Fixed Picom issue
  • Fixed Alacritty STATUS:
  • Fully VM + AMD/Intel Hardware ready


  • Cursor theme not fixed
  • Unpolished Calamares
arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

Added README and Contributing Guidelines to the Repo!! Now you can even contribute to the ISO!

arghyasarkar profile image
Arghya Sarkar

Someone knowing packaging binaries in AUR may contact me via mail or Discord