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Firebase,v9 Google Authentication + Documentation

Hello, welcome back! Yes! Just in case, this is the first post you are opening. This post is the continuation of series.

Check out the first

So let's keep moving 🚀

Setting Up Firebase in a React project

🚀 Log on to Firebase console. You will need to have a Gmail account.

🚀 Add project, follow the instructions to set it up

🚀 Run via npm

npm i -g firebase-tools
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🚀 Run in your create-react-app project

npm i firebase
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🚀 You can follow this route for the setup

🚀 At the end of the installation, you should have a firebase.js file in your project and also your package.json updated already from the installation.

firebase.js installed file

package.json React app

Google Authentication

You need to place these lines of code at the entry point of your web application or your Login component, where the user has to login to access other views or pages.

Similar to this

Login component

Check out the Documentation for other forms of Authentication

Authentication docs

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