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Frontend to FullStack: Introduction to Firebase (Firebase v9)

Hi thereπŸ‘‹, welcome to this tutorial! Today, I will be showing some of Firebase cool features.
Keep calm, if you haven't used Firebase before, this post is the start of a series on Firebase, so don't be afraid, you are in safe hands.
It is also aimed at Frontend developers who want to build and deploy Fullstack apps with little or no stress and code.πŸš€

Just grab my hands and stick with me till the end.

In this tutorial, all codes will be written according the latest version of Firebase, Firebase v9

Firebase & its Features

If you are also new to Firebase, it is a platform developed by Google that enables us develop high quality mobile and web applications in less time. All you just have to worry about is the Frontend of the application.

Firebase can handle the following:
πŸš€ Database & Real Time Database

πŸš€ Different kinds of Authentication - Email & Password, Facebook,
Github, Google, Apple, Twitter, etc

πŸš€ Cloud Functions

πŸš€ Performance Monitoring

πŸš€ Analytics, etc

In this series, I will be covering, 1 & 2 above.

Firebase vs Firebase v9 (Modular Firebase)

Firebase v9, Modular Firebase is the latest version of firebase that provides optimized performance for your web and mobile applications. Instead of importing the large Firebase SDK as you may do or have been doing, you just have to import only the part you need.
For more details Read here

Enough of the intros, can we now write some codes?? πŸ˜’

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