Do Github stars matter?

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Pretty sure most developers have thought about this when making their open-source projects and then after a while realizing that their project got barely 2 to 3 stars and sometimes not even that.
Well, the answer is clearly yes. Stars do matter on Github projects. Stars project confidence and good quality on a project but it doesn't necessarily mean that if a certain project doesn't have stars, it's bad or anything like that but it could be inferred that a project with a lot of stars is most likely a good quality project and something worth contributing to and/or to use in your own project.

How do you get stars in the first place?

I was at the same place 4 weeks back ( still am in a way ) when I made the codebase for my coding platform, DomeCode open-source because I felt like closed-source is more like an artificial barrier and people should be able to use my code for their own open-source free projects.

Even though I have proven that I'm close to a saint, I should also state that this feeling is subject to change in the future but presently, my project is well open-source and has gotten 47 stars so far. Technically, ~12 stars a week.

Either way, the point is it's good to have stars just like it's good to have money. However, similar to money, stars don't mean everything but they do certainly mean something and you gotta have that if to ease your way through.

Cutting the shit and getting straight to it, these are the strategies to deploy in order to get stars:

  • Beg
  • Blog
  • Shit post everywhere
  • Ask your closest friends to do the same

Eventually, you'll get to 100k stars and let me get this clear, this is exactly where I'm headed with DomeCode.

Oh and DomeCode](https://domecode.com/) is essentially a platform that improvises over existing "code to learn" platforms by making the process of going from point A ( picking a language ) to point B ( getting good at it ) easier than ever by including tools and resources along with a wholesome community to make your experience better.

Support me in my journey by starring DomeCode on Github.

My Github - https://github.com/arthtyagi/
DomeCode - https://domecode.com/
DomeCode's Github - https://github.com/the-domecode/
My personal website - https://arthtyagi.me/
Discord - https://discord.gg/ZwTJPNB/

P.S This was partly satire for those of you who didn't get it. This post script, on the other hand, deems the whole motive of satire pointless.

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Same, I also star things I think I will use in the future


Yep I use stars like bookmarks and also as a way to gauge how popular a project is.


Ah nice, seems like everyone uses the stars as a measure of popularity and quality.


Same, I generally discover cool things when I revisit my stars.


Count me in as the 53th star for doomcode. I would say I am always happy to see people star my repository. Why? Because they probably like my code or my contribution and they want to give it back, or to remember later on to visit.

Seeing github.com/trungk18/jira-clone-ang... growing from 4 stars among my dearest friend to a few hundred within days was really a journey that I have never experience 🤣


Teach me! I started a project in February and I haven't reached 1k stars yet, close but not reached yet.
Where did you share your project?


I think if you code something that people are looking to see, they will not hesitate to give you a star. Also, prepare a detailed README with as many screenshots as you can.

I built that with Angular and I shared it on:

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Write a blog post on Medium

Luckily, It got the attention from people and some of them are quite famous among Angular community. They also retweeted about my project and that's how it is crossing a thousand stars 😂 Count me as the 941th star yeah. But in exchange, you have to star mine 😎Just kidding and good luck!

The project is this: github.com/matteobruni/tsparticles

The main issue is visibility since it's an alternative to Particles.js (it's a Typescript rewrite with new features and bugfix tbh) there's a lot of articles/tutorial for the other project so it's hard for mine to gain visibility.

Many projects around particles.js are abandoned but this doesn't help much having visibility.

I tried getting some attention but I miss the big retweets. At least I'm having a lot of fun working with this project 😄

Yeah as long as you are happy working on that, that's enough. Maybe tag some famous fork when you tweet next time, ask for their opinion then?

When I start the first line of Jira clone, I wouldn't image one day I will have a thousand star repo 😂 Anyway, I followed you on twitter. Looking for your next project man.


Stars are our means of payment: the more we get, the more we like to continue the project. If we don’t get stars (and we don’t just make the project for ourselves), we’ll probably abandon it because we feel like no one is using it.


We hope not! hahhahaha

We hope downloads don't matter either... because - what do they mean?

For example - you download Ember.js once - and make a project that lasts 4 years... vs - you Download React 27 times - and never finish anything.

Now, if we could tell how many things were active... and then actually measure things - that would be interesting.


I'm a GitLab user instead, but this post made me chuckle. +1 heart.


ah so glad it did lol


If you're making anything and you're just in it for the stars, likes, hearts, unicorns, whatever - then you're doing it for the wrong reasons


I understand they can play a role in one's project visibility, but to be honest every new star (particularly on this) makes my day 😄


Well GitHub stars are like YouTube likes!

If someone likes your project and repo, you'll get a star (if he needs)