Why Quasar? Why Nuxt? Why Vue?

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I'm fresh from learning how Vue works and building some small and moderate-sized things with Vue. Do I want to use Nuxt or Quasar on new projects? Do I want to stick with 'just' Vue? Why should I use one or the other? Obviously 'should' is subjective and which framework likely depends on the project. What are the project considerations that influence you toward one of these?

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I've used all three. They are all based around Vue, which i started with to learn the framework. I quickly moved to try quasar to get benefits of server side rendering. Quasar is the full package, where CSS etc is determined for you. Components are premade and you can hack them together to create a very polished result with little effort. I eventually settled with Nuxt, as I like the folder structure and router. I also like how there is freedom to use a CSS framework of my choosing while still getting the benefits of SSR and static site generation. It ultimately depends on why you are using a js framework. What are you are looking to achieve and how much freedom do you want while doing it?! Just give them all a try.


Ah, you have no option but to use Quasar's CSS classes? So you write your own CSS/SCSS/whatever on top of it but can't pull in vuetify / bootstrap / tailwind?


You could import another CSS framework, however then you would be losing a big chunk of the functionality of Quasar. They are single file components as per usual, so you can easily add your own CSS classes.
Unless you are using the premade components or creating a mobile, or electron app, then it probably isn't the right solution in my opinion.


I haven't really tried Quasar.

I feel like Vue is the most stable, and if I do Electron, I might use Vue.

For a multi-page app, including static site generation, which is centered around content, I would consider Nuxt -- it is stable enough.

If the web is centered around functionality, I might use Vue, and use simply Vue Router.

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