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Arul Prasad J
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5 Ways to become a better coder

  1. Always Keep learning
    Telling yourself that you don’t know something is the first step towards learning something new. Often experienced programmers find it hard to identify areas where they lack because they believe that they know everything. Learn from everyone and everything that comes your way as it will help you become a better coder.

  2. Improve with experience
    To be great at something you must learn from your mistakes. We become better at a task with experience. However, it is true only when we learn from our experience and try to improve on ourselves. Staying with the same mindset and beliefs won’t make you any better. As a programmer always strive to do better than before as it will help you gain experience in a real sense.

  3. Seek for perfection
    Often we stop once we think that we have achieved the goal. Programmers often focus only on writing quality codes and most of them stop when they feel it is done. However, to be a better programmer you must understand that codes are never perfect, work is required to make them perfect. Always strive to look for perfection, it might mean making the product faster, reliable, feature-packed but there is always room for improvement.

  4. Write it thrice
    Good programmers usually write codes many times till they are satisfied that they have achieved their goals to some extent. It is advised that you work on your codes thrice at least. The first time you write you make yourself believe that the idea can be out to practice. The second time when you work on it you actually strive to bring out all that is expected from the solution. The third time should be focused on making it perfect. There are always many approaches to the problem but there is always the best solution. Work till you find the perfect way out.

  5. Read codes
    Just like reading is important to expand your wisdom. In coding, reading what other programmers have written is quite important. Codes can be written in many ways, and there is of course no one right way. When you read others code you learn about other possibilities that you may otherwise be not aware of. It is also a great way to brush up and improve your programming skills. Interact with other coders whenever possible, participate in coding forums and learn from these experiences.

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Raphael Jambalos

I agree with your points, Arul. For me, the measure of improvement is when I write a code now that I think is really great. Then, 6 months later, I come back to it and see that there's so much room for improvement in the codes. Sometimes, I even cringe at how poorly written my code was written

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Arul Prasad J


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Amaechi John

Nice write up Arul. Thanks for sharing